Plot and Game Idea Generators

I created a couple of fun random text scripts the other day:

Random Plot Generator

Game Idea Generator

Before making the plot generator I had been spending time jotting down “bad plots” as a writing exercise in my notebook, hoping they might get the creative juices flowing and lead to actual good ideas. It got me thinking about Emma Coats’ advice on story structure. So I cobbled together some Python and made a funny command-line script that popped out insane plots. I enjoyed it so much that I ported it over to JavaScript and put it online. I tweeted about it and at some point Emma Coats caught wind. That was fun:

As for the game idea generator, I was talking to a friend about our addiction to funding Kickstarters for video games and board games. I said that I think the likelihood of my funding a Kickstarter game is directly proportional to the absurdity of the theme. Later that afternoon the Game Idea Generator was born